The FX cartel was created in 2018.

The Cartel is the fastest growing community of profitable traders. It has seen the rise of young talented traders such as “Calvin.K” with an incredible 820% Return on Investment on his first year of trading after joining the Cartel.

The FX Cartel controls the market with leading educational material that have no match in the industry.

Our capacity of adaptation on the market is unparalleled, which makes us the most efficient traders in the retail market. Through our services we have helped hundreds of people building their wealth and taught them how to become full time traders. 


Our head trader, Sebastien, has over 5 years of experience in the Forex market. He is a successful trader/entrepreneur who became millionaire by age 28. Through social medias Sebastien has grown a reputation of being one of the best retail trader with a solid 86% accuracy rate.


Seb is a BSc, MSc graduate in Chemistry. He left his PhD in 2012 when realising the true potential of trading the financial market. He is considered an expert of GBP/JPY and GOLD and holds one of the most successful trades realised by a retail trader.


In 2018, 76 trades were called live on our Instagram, all of which have ended to be profitable.

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