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  • Is it a signals service?
    No, it is an analysis service. You will therefore receive charts with trade ideas and setups for the Spot FX market. Not signals.
  • How long does it take to be added to the service?
    Once you subscribe, you will need to allow 24 hours to be contacted with a link to join the chart analysis channel. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder.
  • Can I sign up in the middle of the month?
    Yes, you can subscribe anytime. E.g. If you sign up on the 14th, your next payment will be debited on the 14th of the next month.
  • Can I cancel at any time?
    Yes, as long as you provide us with 48 hours’ notice via email at before your payment date is due.
  • Can I trial FX Cartel services?
    No, we have a no trial policy.
  • Which broker should I use?
    We are not associated with any other company or platform, you can use any platform you wish.
  • How many charts will I receive per day?
    Charts will be posted and updated as soon as they become clear to us. We send an average of 4 charts per week, but it can vary depending on market conditions. There is no minimum per day.
  • During which session are the charts sent?
    Charts are mainly sent during London session and during American session.
  • How can I access the FXCartel chat?
    If you are part of our chart analysis service and wish to enter our FXCartel chat please email
  • How can I access the 50cal chat?
    If you are a member of our chart analysis service and purchased FX Cartel 50cal digital course, you are eligible to access our 50cal chat. The chat is not part of the subscription and access is not guaranteed. If you meet the criteria and wish to be part of FX Cartel 50cal chat, please email
  • Do I need to attend your in-person course or order 50cal digital course to be able to sign up to chart analysis ?
    No you don’t. However we would recommend that you know the basics of the Forex market.
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