Receive real-time forex set ups on any phone in over 200 countries. No matter where you are or what you are doing, we will alert you when a Forex trading opportunity is identified.
Our Forex Chart Analysis system can be used by any FX traders to help them in making critical decisions about their trades.
They are one of the “deadliest” weapons an FX trader can have in its arsenal.

There are many types of Forex signals systems, some are even free but none of them is performing as well as ours. Here at FX Cartel you can get access to an advanced and professional FX service with verified results!
As part of our pre-launch campaign we have provided over 20,000 pips on the live market in 2017 through social medias such as Instagram, and our followers have made a staggering £358,000 using them.

How does the FX Charts system actually work?

Every Forex signals system is unique and relies on a different analysis of the market but overall there are two main methods which guide the market experts who produce the signals.
The first is a technical analysis of the market including all the past information about the price and trend that is available. The second is based on fundamental and current events that might affect the price action over short and medium periods of time.

Some FX systems are based on an automated computer analysis of the market. Here at FX Cartel, 100% of our set ups are executed manually by experienced traders, not meaningless algo.
We use simple strategies that we teach in our various training courses, based on fundamental moves using strategical key levels for entry/exit.

The Charts allow you to follow the reasoning behind each set up.

This service is NOT a signals service!

How many set ups can I expect?

Generally you will receive on average at least one set up a day. It will all depend on market conditions, and our analysis for the best play.

How many pips can I expect to make?

Our top traders are making over 500 pips per month on a regular basis. We do not scalp, so you will never receive trades for less than  30-40pips target.

How do I get the Charts?

We will send our set ups through our private Telegram via two methods.
The first type, the live trade, will require a fast execution. Usually based on fundamental analysis this trade set up will be given as an open order with a wider stop loss (SL) and our entry price. We will provide an ideal take profit (TP) price as soon as it becomes clear to us, but will also offer the possibility to trail the trade to maximise the gains with Chart update.

The second type is based on both fundamental & technical analyses. It will come as a pending order, either as a BUY order Green Box or as a SELL order Red Box. This order type will be valid until either price reaches our entry or it is called CANCEL.
All our set ups will be sent via Telegram app. There will be no direct messaging. Make sure to download the app prior purchase.

How successful are the set ups? 

Based on our experience, we have averaged 83% accuracy that is verified with real money!
Sebastien D. personal results are as followed: 2015: 135%, 2016: 512%,  2017: 240% and 2018: 334%
Sebastien is a full-time retail trader with 6 years of experience in the market.

His strategy consists of identifying the macro economy related to his favourite pair GBP/JPY and to look for the ideal reversal entry based on technical analysis.

Calvin K. personal results are: 2017: 820%
Calvin is Sebastien’s 2017 best student and has mastered the technical analysis. His favourite weapons are trendlines and candlesticks analysis.

Calvin is very skilled at Trading momentum reversal area based on technical.

Romain S. recently joined in 2018, after only 6 months on the Market he has returned the most impressive results to date ever encountered with an impressive 1,600% ROI in no more than 6 months.

Romain S.is a trend Trader focusing all trades on trendlines.

What is the Chart analysis service? 

Our chart analysis service is the ultimate pip collecting tool. 

Using our Chart analysis, made simple for you, you can follow in real time and updated on a regular basis our charts.

See where we are looking at Buying (green area) or Selling (red area) currencies, with guidance and ideal Profit target given.

It is also the perfect tool to learn and earn at the same time.

Using Romain and Calvin analysis, follow the steps of profitable traders, learn the rope of profitability like they have done.

Use in conjunction of your own analysis, improve and build the confidence you need to kill the market.

Averaging 90% profitability, FX CARTEL analysis are the ultimate weapon to make money.

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FX Chart analysis


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